The origins

Meeting C++ is the largest European C++ conference. Back in 2012, Meeting C++ started with its first installment in Dusseldorf. Only one year later, in 2013, I’ve participated the conference for the first time. I haven’t missed a single one so far. In 2014, Meeting C++ moved to Berlin, in the new and larger venue, because number of participants has grown tremendously.

Every year, there’s a recap of the conference with some interesting statistics about participants, various survey results and so on. Also, there’s a map of Europe with updated list of newly created C++ user groups.

What cought my attention in 2016 is that there are no C++ user groups not only in Serbia, but also in the Balkans. Fortunately, there were already workshops at Meeting C++ how to start local user group. In December of that year, I’ve organized first C++ meetup in Belgrade.

Very soon I realized that it’s going to be hard to organize meetups on a regular basis. Finding the appropriate venue which is close enough for the majority of people can be tricky, because a lot of us are able to attend only after work hours and nobody wants to have one hour drive to the venue.

Last but not least, the most difficult part is gathering C++ enthusiasts who are willing to engage with the community, give lectures and share their knowledge.

The user group didn’t have meetups for almost three years, but at the beginning of 2022, couple of people approached with the idea that we could restart meetup series. So, here we are again…

~Goran Aranđelović, founder of C++ Serbia